Sleep Apnea Dental Device

What Can You Expect From A Sleep Apnea Dental Device?

What You Should Know

Sleep apnea is a sleep condition whereby a sufferer pauses in his breathing for several times during the night when he is sleeping. It is caused by the collapse of pharynx during sleep.If you don’t know where the pharynx is, it is the cavity that is located behind the nose and mouth and connects those parts to the esophagus.

When the pharynx is collapsed against the bottom, the flow of air is repressed, causing a temporary pause in breathing. It also causes snoring. If you have been suffering from sleep apnea, you should know that there are several options for a cure. Often, though, doctors recommend lifestyle changes along with other treatment options. This is especially true for patients who are overweight, who make up the majority of apnea sufferers.

A very popular solution for the condition is what you would call a sleep apnea dental device? What is it? It is basically a mouth guard that prevents the pharynx from collapsing, thus free the flow of air during sleep. With a sleep apnea dental device, the mouthguard practically glues the lower jaw and upper jaw so that the former does not put pressure on the pharynx when the mouth is open during sleep.

If you are like most people, you are probably wondering how effective a sleep apnea dental device is. Well, this should tell you something about its effectiveness: The American Sleep Association recommends its use over sleep apnea surgery.

So, if you are suffering from short but frequent pauses during sleep, and you have snoring to go with it, the first thing you need to do is to consult a dentist and have the appliance custom-fitted to you. But here comes the question: How much does it cost?

You would be glad to know that it costs just about the same as a dental implant, and you can expect to pay anywhere from $3,800 to $5,000. The cost, though, covers everything from the price of the appliance, dentist’s visits, adjustment work, and followups. If you think it’s expensive, you do not need to worry because most health insurance companies cover it. Medicare pays for it too.

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In order to effectively address your sleep apnea, anmake sure to consult a sleep specialist first to get recommendations on lifestyle changes, and get referrals on the best dentists who can fit you wita dental appliance.

The good thing about using mouth guards for addressing sleep apnea is that the results are often immediate and most users report an improvement in their sleep after the first night of use. While most people do not know they have sleep apnea (they only learn about it from their partners), there is a difference in the condition of the body the night after sleeping with apnea. There is that general feeling of sluggishness and irritability stemming from the lack of sleep.

Sleep apnea is actually not a dangerous medical condition, however, you would be wise to address it as soon as you discover you have it. Why? Because sleep apnea can actually cause a host of different serious medical conditions, including elevated high blood pressure, high risk of diabetes, among other serious conditions that can be traced back to the lack of sleep. Even if you don’t develop these conditions, you deserve to have a good night’s sleep.

If you need more help understanding sleep apnea, what causes it and what solutions are available to you, you will find helpful more helpful information on the pages of the American Sleep Association website. Or call Dental Sleep Medicine of Greenville at 864-909-2672

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Benefits Of A Sleep Apnea Dental Appliance

Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that affects millions of people all over the world.

Thankfully, there are several types of treatment options available today to treat this disorder permanently. It is important to get rid of this sleep disorder as quickly as possible as it can have severe harmful effects on your health if you do not take care of it immediately. In simple terms, it is a disorder where a person experiences breathing difficulty while sleeping.

Since the person is sleeping, the body takes a long time to take corrective measures to make sure there is enough oxygen in the body. People suffering from sleep apnea lead a stressful life as they are unable to get a good night’s sleep.

When it comes to treatment of this sleep disorder, a sleep apnea dental appliance can be used for treatment of mild to moderate sleep apnea. A surgery is the only option for extreme sleep apnea. There are many different kinds of devices available in the market today for treatment of this disorder. In fact, more than 30 devices have been approved by the FDA for treatment of this disorder.

Types ofSleep Appliance:

While there are a number of different types of sleep apnea dental appliances available in the market today, it is important for you to know about the safety of the appliance before you start using it. This disorder can occur due to a variety of reasons, and you need to understand the underlying cause of this disorder to choose the right kind of device.

When you sleep, the muscle tissues and tongue in your mouth move back and the lower jaw also drops down which in turn puts pressure on the airway. All this pressure from relaxed muscles and lower jaw can lead to blockage of the airway. Some people may not breathe for up to 60 seconds. People usually make loud snoring sounds or wake up during the night to catch their breath. It also affects their partner due to the loud snoring.

One of the sleep apnea dental appliances available in the market today is a tongue retaining appliance. This device has been specifically designed for holding the tongue in the forward position in the mouth. Since the tongue is held forward, it does not put pressure on the airway and does not obstruct breathing while sleeping.

MAD Appliance:

Another kind of popular device available in the market today for treatment of sleep apnea is a device that is used for repositioning the mandibular. This appliance fits the lower jaw and keeps it in position to keep the airways open. This mouthpiece prevents the person from opening their mouth while they are sleeping. In simple terms, this device maintains healthy breathing which in turn leads to better sleep.

These devices are made with plastic or silicone and other such soft materials. As mentioned above, most of these devices have been approved by FDA. These are also clinically tested to make sure that these are effective and the material used for making the device is safe.

Overall, using a sleep apnea dental appliance allows you to breathe easy while sleeping without any snoring and enjoy a good night’s sleep. These devices are available at your local pharmacy as well as online. You can easily use them in your home, and you do not require prescription. If you are serious about finding out the correct sleep apnea appliance, you need to be seen by a dental sleep specialist such as Dr. Leor Lindner of Dental Sleep Medicine of Greenville.


However, it is still important to make sure that you choose the right device to get the maximum benefit. If you are not sure about the right type of device to be used, do not shy away from visiting a dentist to help you choose the right kind of appliance.

Also, make sure the device has favorable reviews. There are several review websites where you can find real reviews from users about the quality as well as effectiveness of a particular device. So, read the reviews before buying.